Wuzler is a web tool to track table soccer games based on the eXist XML database.

Wuzler is designed for office play, when it is not possible to play full tournaments. Whenever people find themselves at the table and play a game, this game can be recorded and an all-time ranking is updated.

The algorithm is quite simple. The ranking is based on the total number of games won. Alternative ranking schemes have been discussed in my office. None of them were accepted on a broad basis.

The application has 3 views.

In all views the players are hyperlinked to the player's view.

Whenever a player or played game is added and some of the data is invalid or missing, then the data to be added is displayed again for correction. At the moment there is no indication what is wrong.


Wuzler can be downloaded from the SourceForge Project page


Before installing Wuzler the eXist XML database must be installed and operational. The eXist XML database and corresponding documentation can be retrieved from

Wuzler has been tested against eXist-1.1.1-newcore-build4311.


The simplest way to install Wuzler is:

  1. copy wuzler.css and the wuzler-*.xq files into webapp/xquery directory under the eXist installation directory, for example /opt/eXist-1.1.1-newcore-build4311/webapp/xquery.
  2. log-in to the eXist Web-GUI as user 'guest' with password 'guest' and import the file wuzler.xml as /db/wuzler.xml.

That's it. Supposing a default eXist installation, the application is available under


The first task to do is adding some players, then games can be added.

Known Issues

When the time zone is not set on the command line, then the application shows strange Exceptions with StackTraces on the screen when adding a game. Please set the time zone before starting eXist, e.g.

    export TZ="Europe/Vienna"